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Capital Area Workforce Development is pleased to provide new-hire and training support to Pictorial prior to their arrival to Wake County.

We will customize our service to fit your business needs. We will do that with staff dedicated to supporting your business and through a network of multiple community career centers in the Wake-Johnston area.

Our services include:

  • Recruiting, screening and referral to open positions
  • Testing for potential hires 
  • Consulting on topics such as wage, job skills analysis, and staff development 
  • Identiying resources for training new and current employees

Our goal is to help you find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills to fill your positions. We will start with Henry Wurst employees, per your interest. We will pre-screen applicants based on defined qualifications provided by Pictorial, and we are willing to bring in a professional Job Profiler to complete one FREE job profile, a $1250 value. The Job Profiler will use a tool that provides a quantitative job analysis to help match job skills to the right candidates. There are three components to their system:

  • Job profiling which identifies the basic employability skills required on the job
  • Assessment of skill levels of potential or incumbent workers
  • Training to close any skills gap that exists between the skills required and those demonstrated

The later component is efficient and cost effective because training is done ONLY in the specific skill areas where it is required.

We will also provide Pictorial with On-the-Job Training (OJT) funds that allow you to conduct training for individuals while they are working and learning the skills necessary for satisfactory job performance. We reimburse you up to 50% of your training costs based on the individuals’ wage, not to exceed $18.95 per hour. The training period may be as little as 6 weeks (240 hours) to 6 months.  

We work closely with local colleges that provide ISO certification and new equipment training per your defined needs and we are more than happy to connect you with the individuals that can walk you through their training programs.        


Job Profile:                       $1,250 

On-the-Job Training:   $102,276    (estimate will change depending on actual jobs and wage information)

$18.95 (max reimbursable wage) x 50% = $9.47 x 240 hours = $2,272.80 x 45 OJT new hire participants = $102,276. 

We look forward to working with you!  You may contact Business Services directly at (919) 856-6046 if you have questions.